7 Ways To Help Your Child Transition Into a New Daycare

Transitioning to a new daycare can be a challenging experience for both parents and children, whether you are moving from a different daycare center or are trying one for the very first time. 

Check out 7 ways to help your child–and yourself– adjust to a new daycare!

7 Ways To Help Your Child Transition Into a New Daycare

1. Visit the Daycare With Your Child Before Their First Day

Take your child on a tour of the new daycare and introduce them to the caregivers and other children. This can help familiarize your child with the new environment and ease their anxiety.


2. Talk to Your Child About the Transition

Explain to your child what to expect at the new daycare and answer any questions they may have. Talk about the positive aspects of the new daycare, such as new friends to make and new activities to try.


3. Bring Familiar Objects

Consider bringing familiar objects such as a favorite toy or blanket to the new daycare. These items can help your child feel more comfortable and secure in the new environment.

4. Maintain a Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine can help your child feel secure and settled. Stick to your usual routine as much as possible, such as meal times, nap times, and bedtime.

5. Stay Positive

Stay positive and upbeat about the new daycare experience. Encourage your child to have a positive attitude and be open to new experiences.

6. Communicate With the Caregivers 

Communicate with the caregivers at the new daycare about your child’s needs, routines, and preferences. Ask them for updates on how your child is adjusting and what activities they are participating in.

7. Provide Support

Be available to support your child during the transition. Offer hugs and reassurance, and check in with them regularly about how they are feeling.

Remember that it can take time for both you and your child to adjust to a new daycare, so be patient and supportive. With time and support, most children will eventually feel comfortable and happy in their new daycare environment.