Looking for a Daycare and Preschool Center in Lyndon, KY?

Have you been on the lookout for an amazing childcare center for your child in Lyndon, KY, or the larger Louisville area? 

Trying to find the right childcare center for your family can be a tough process–there are a lot of factors to consider when you are daycare shopping. One of the biggest factors that can help you determine what childcare center is right for you is by looking at parent reviews on all childcare centers you are considering.

If you are looking for a great, quality childcare center in the Lyndon, KY or surrounding Louisville area, then you should definitely check out Lyndon Learning Childcare’s parent reviews! We have become a staple in this community and would love to help take care of your children as well!

Parent Reviews for Lyndon Learning Childcare in Lyndon, KY!

I am a former employee with close to 20 years teaching experience in early education. Due to Covid, I stepped away from preschool to focus on home-schooling my own kids. My time at Lyndon was above and beyond my expectations. The owner, Derek and director, Amy, treat their staff and students with the utmost dignity and respect. The food is cooked with love and handled with care. They are the only Preschool that offers healthy, home cooked meals that I have ever personally worked for. Their chef is a legitimate pro; though extremely humble about his success. This is a play based learning facility that understands a healthy balance at a preschool age between learning and play. The cherished sensory garden is a favorite of students and teachers. The love and patience that is given to each child is compared to none I have seen at a preschool level. They encourage positive redirection and calm areas instead of time out. A technique that is very effective at that age. The staff are considerate and professional. This is a real family feel kind of place. Lyndon Learning is a fantastic option if you are looking for a high quality daycare. Their hours are extremely beneficial for parents looking for flexibility.” –Christy Holt

I have seen a big difference in both of my 1 & 3 year old boys since switching to Lyndon Learning. They are happy every day at pickup and are excited to go each day. They do a great job with sending pictures and updates to let us know what they are learning each day as well. We are SO happy there!” –Brittany Littles

Words can’t describe how wonderful they have been to our family. Our daughter has been in great hands from day 1. The level of education she receives along with a great balance of play time has been wonderful. I am also impressed with the food they serve each day! You will never find a heavily-processed meal, rather home cooked meals that encourage the kids to try new foods they might not always eat. For the rate we pay for the service and love our Daughter receives, this place is a great investment.” –David Littlejohn