Positive Life Skills Kids Learn in Daycare 

Kids can learn so many amazing skills when they are in a caring, quality childcare setting! These skills not only benefit them in the now, but they lay foundations to build on as they continue to grow and branch out in their lives, activities, and personalities.

Let’s check out 4 positive life skills children learn while in childcare!

Positive Life Skills Kids Learn in Daycare 


Social Skills

Kids go through a lot of different opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills in daycare. Being introduced to both positive and negative scenarios give kids the space to stretch their social skills and gives them an opportunity to learn how to navigate tough emotions that can come along with tough situations.

Kids also learn the values of sharing, working together, kindness, and respecting others, all of which are important social and emotional skills.

Learning these skills early in life will be invaluable to these kids as they grow up.


Kids gain confidence when they begin to learn how to interact with safe adults other than their parents.

This confidence can help them overcome the separation anxiety they may be feeling when first starting daycare or school. Regularly interacting with other supportive and safe caregivers as well as friends their own age can help them gain the confidence that they need to feel comfortable in new situations.

Cognitive Skills

Activities and learning games help sharpen kids’ cognitive skills, and a quality daycare center will have many different options to choose from.

In a daycare center, kids will learn language skills, colors, numbers, letters, and more. They also learn and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while they are playing; Kids learn so much when they explore the world around them with curiosity.


A quality childcare center runs on structure and routine, and kids thrive on routine.

The structure and routines of a daycare environment can provide kids with a sense of stability and familiarity every day. Having a set schedule for snack time, nap time, and playtime gives expectations for what the day will bring. It also gives kids the subtle benefit of beginning to understand and practice time management and discipline.

The many positive life skills kids can learn in daycare can help lay a solid foundation for their future.