Math Activities You Can Do with Lego Blocks

Lego blocks are not only great for building structures and fostering creativity but they can also be used as a tool for math activities. Check out some fun Lego activities that you can do with your kiddos that will also help boost their math skills!

Math Activities You Can Do with Lego Blocks


  • Counting and Number Recognition 

Use Lego blocks to help your child practice counting and number recognition. You can have them count the number of blocks in a tower, or create towers with a specific number of blocks, and have your child identify the number.

  • Addition and Subtraction 

Use Lego blocks to teach basic addition and subtraction concepts. You can create simple math problems by combining or taking away Lego blocks from a group, and have your child solve them by physically manipulating the blocks.

  • Patterning 

Use Lego blocks to create patterns and help your child understand basic patterning concepts. For example, you can create a pattern using different colored blocks (e.g., red, blue, red, blue) and have your child continue the pattern.

  • Measurement 

Use Lego blocks to introduce measurement concepts, such as comparing the size or length of different Lego structures. You can have your child measure the height or length of a tower using other Lego blocks as units of measurement.

  • Fractions 

Use Lego blocks to introduce fractions by dividing a Lego structure into equal parts. For example, you can create a tower using different colored blocks and have your child identify the fraction of each color in the tower.

  • Geometry 

Use Lego blocks to explore basic geometry concepts, such as shapes, symmetry, and spatial reasoning. Your child can create structures using different shapes of Lego blocks or build symmetrical structures.

  • Problem-Solving 

Encourage your child to use Lego blocks to solve math problems or create their own math challenges. For example, you can give them a specific number of blocks and ask them to create a structure that meets certain criteria, such as using all the blocks or creating the tallest tower possible.


Remember to adapt the math activities to your child’s age and level of math skills, and make it fun and engaging by incorporating their interests and creativity. Lego blocks can be a versatile and enjoyable tool for hands-on math learning!